Här är resultatet från sista tidens skriverier…

En artikel i Fredstidningen Pax om samarbetet mellan Jenin och Gilboa (mer sånt, snälla…)

Senaste kolumnen ur Fria Tidningar: Vänstervridna patrioter vandrar för demokratin, om demon i Tel Aviv.

P1 Morgon om Egypten och Israel (från den 31 januari, men i princip har det inte ändrat sig så mycket ur israelisk synvinkel).


En tanke på “Artiklar…”

  1. Your friend could have reached that conclusion 50 years ago. To say that we are being ”singled out” is the understatement of the month. As for the ”crime” of occupation, why did nobody complain about the ”occupations” by Egypt and Jordan Pre 1967? Jordanian and Syrian forces have by the way killed more Palestinians than Israel during our ”criminal occupation”. Do please have a look at Gaza – has the world stopped hating us for the ”criminal occupation” of Gaza, have the Arabs? Nope – now they are hating us for ”criminally” trying to stop Hamas for acquiring weapons. Those ”brave” political tourists come because they hate Israel, not because they love Palestinians. As for Syrians or Yemenites, they couldn’t care less. And besides, if they went there they’d be dead in a heartbeat.

    There are many good reasons for trying to reach a settlements with the Palestinians, but non of them have to do with what the Europeans think of us.

    I’m happy that the Egyptians have decided to try to take their destiny in their own hands. Hopefully the Egyptians will steer clear of the Muslim Brotherhood and a Mullah State. If not, we will have war within a few years.

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