Kolumn + demo för mänskliga rättigheter i Tel Aviv

Den 10 december marscherar aktivister från ett brett spektrum av människorättsorganisationer och sympatisörer i Tel Aviv för demokrati och respekt för mänskliga rättigheter. Som jag skrev i min senaste kolumn i Fria Tidningar (rubriken kom inte med på nätet…den löd ”Att skada demokratin inifrån”) så hotas den israeliska demokratin både av diverse antidemokratiska lagförslag från Knesset och från delegitimiseringskampanjer från grupper som ”Im Tirtzu”, samt av en opinon som ofta inte bryr sig.

Hagai El’ad, generalsekreterare för israeliska Association for Civil Rights in Israel, skriver:

”In 2010, the attack on democracy has shifted gears, but so have we. Israeli citizens have proved that we are awake and vigilant, aware of what is happening, understand the gravity of the situation – and are utterly determined to turn this tide. It was a year of organizing, activism, and standing up for our rights. It was a year of increased protest, demonstrations, and determination that our voices will not be silenced. Many thousands of people have taken upon themselves the struggle for a better future: against the discriminatory “admissions committees”, and against the wave of racism. Thousands are fighting for equal education, housing and health care. We count among us citizens struggling for freedom of speech, people who have been falsely arrested, and their dedicated attorneys; migrant workers and the organizations and activists struggling for their rights and those of their children. People fighting for their rights as workers, and struggling to ensure a dignified existence for their families; those who struggle against the occupation and the separation regime; those who insist on education for human rights and democracy in an educational system that is growing estranged from these values. The activists struggling in al-Araqib, Sheikh Jarrah, and Bil’in; people with disabilities and activists working for their rights; people struggling against the current McCarthyism, fighting to maintain academic freedom and battling against the anti-democratic legislation in the Knesset; and the list goes on and on. (…)  Looking ahead soberly to the year before us, we aim to show the government that we want a change in direction, to demonstrate that the pro-democracy public will staunchly defend our values even against a radicalized government, to make this statement together as a diverse community, and to show that even when we are under attack, we will never stop being optimistic. On Friday, December 10 we will be vigilant, numerous and optimistic together: for that one single day – and for the many difficult struggles that still lay ahead.”

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…och en ledare i Haaretz:


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