Politisk autism

”Grief, sadness, and yes, anger are the feelings that have emerged in the face of a temptation that I know exists in the hearts of some Israeli leaders − a temptation to believe that the “whole world is against us” and that “we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t” and to therefore act accordingly. Autism can never be a government policy and it most certainly can never be a strategy. This is a statement that must be made. And it must be made emphatically”, skriver den franske filosofen Bernhard-Henri Levy som var i Israel för ett israeliskt-franskt seminar på temat Demokrati och dess utmaningar samtidigt som Ship to Gaza-konvojen bordades och därmed varseblev israeliska reaktioner realtime. Levy är en av signatorerna till JCall och han verkar inte ha ändrat åsikt, tvärtom.

Carlo Strenger skriver om israelisk bunkermentalitet:

 ”Israel’s leadership has gone into a bunker mentality. Like a city besieged in the times before telecommunications, nothing reaches its hearts and minds. (…) It may be more surprising that Israel’s leadership doesn’t even listen to its own professional intelligence echelon. During the media frenzy of the last days a crucial headline has received close to no attention: Mossad chief Meir Dagan told the Knesset’s Foreign Relations Committee that Israel is gradually turning from a strategic asset into a liability for the United States of America. (…) I wish I could end on a note of optimism; I wish I could point out a psychological mechanism that will unblock Israel’s leadership from fear and self-righteousness. But I share David Grossman’s despair. All that is left for those of us who want to save Israel from itself – whether Israelis, Jews in the Diaspora or gentiles – is to continue the call to reason, even if we don’t know if, when and how it will be heard.”