Intervju med David Chemla från JCall/Peace Now France

Försöker Europas nya judiska grupp JCall utöva ett orättvist tryck på Israel? David Chemla tycker inte det:

”I think our initiative is actually helping Israel’s image in Europe. It is a pretty low image over here these days, because of what happened in Gaza, mainly, and it is commonly believed in Europe that Israel is the provocative, negative side of the conflict – the one that is blocking the peace process.

What we are doing is showing that within the Jewish community there is debate – an open debate – and that we are not monolithic. We identify ourselves with Israel and its rights, but we criticize. This is healthy and needed. We are Jews, Zionists and are always ready to stand up for Israel’s right to exist. We are against delegitimization and boycotts of Israel, but what we are showing is that it’s okay to be identified with Israel, and at the same time also to criticize [some] of it’s actions.

As for [being] responsible, we are doing the only responsible thing we can think to do. We are speaking as friends of Israel and we are saying ”You are going to make a mistake. You have to decide how to behave, not us. But as friends, as Jews, we want to tell you that you are going down a wrong path.”

Enligt Haaretz är David Chemla född i Tunisien. Han bodde i Israel i tio år och gjorde militärtjänst i IDF men flyttade sedan till Paris, där han idag är leder franska Peace Now.