Common Ground News Service

Ville bara tipsa om Common Ground News Service, en websida som återpublicerar artiklar om Israel-Palestinakonflikten som har någon form av dialog/ömsesidig förståelse/freds- eller konfliktlösningsperspektiv. Här är en kort intro:

 ”The Common Ground News Service (CGNews) seeks to promote mutual understanding and offer hope, opportunities for dialogue and constructive suggestions that facilitate peaceful resolution of conflict. We publish and promote articles by local and international experts on current Middle East issues and the relationship between the West and Arab and Muslim communities. The service is a non-profit initiative of Search for Common Ground, an international non-governmental organization (NGO), headquartered in Washington and Brussels, whose mission is to transform the way the world deals with conflict – away from adversarial confrontation towards cooperative solutions.

 The CGNews board of editors comprises individuals in Amman, Beirut, Geneva, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Toronto and Washington, with extensive knowledge of the Middle East, Muslim-Western issues and a ”common ground” orientation (…) The editors monitor local and regional media daily, looking for articles that:

  • Provide constructive and solution-oriented perspectives;
  • Promote dialogue and cooperation;
  • Encourage peaceful and non-violent means to resolve conflicts and ease tension;
  • Express constructive self-criticism;
  • Highlight positive experiences between communities and nations that humanize the other and offer hope;
  • Highlight organizations and people working for a better regional and global environment;
  • Interpret information, events, polls and analyses in ways that encourage rational, moderate and positive thinking.

Rekommenderas varmt – det är intressant, tänkvärt, smart och oftast väldigt bra journalistik.